William E. Ricker Award

Dave Fournier received the American Fisheries Society’s Ricker award. This is a prestigious award and provides Dave recognition not only for the great contribution AD Model Builder has made to fisheries stock assessment, but also Dave’s contribution to fisheries stock assessment methodology, such as being the pioneer of integrated analysis (see Fournier and Archibald 1982).

The ADMB Foundation initiated and coordinated the nomination of Dave for this award. Prof. Ray Hilborn, a previous recipient of the award, volunteered to be the nominator. Several of you provided letters of support and we thank you for your efforts.

Dave was first nominated in 2008 and was the runner up for the award. This meant that his nomination would be carried over to 2009. Since the 2008 nomination, the Moore Foundation grant was awarded, and provided additional support for Dave’s nomination.

More information about the William E. Ricker Resource Conservation Award  can be found at the AFS awards website.

Below are some statements taken from selected supporting letters.


“If Ricker is considered the grandfather of modern fisheries stock assessment, then Fournier should be considered the father. “

Prof. Ray Hilborn, University of Washington


“His theoretical, practical, and technical contributions have helped reshape modern stock assessment science, not just in North America, but throughout the world”

Michael H. Prager, U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service


“Dr. Fournier’s work has allowed population assessment methodology in fisheries to advance further than population assessment methodology in other related fields.”

Mark Maunder, Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission


“Dr. Fournier’s publications on assessment theory and methods, and the software tools developed by Dr. Fournier (especially ADMB) have been essential in the widespread application of statistically rigorous integrated stock assessments for marine fisheries throughout the world.”

Prof. James Bence, Michigan State University


“It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this intellectual and computational breakthrough.”

John Sibert, University of Hawaii


“It is no exaggeration to state that Dr. Fournier’s development of ADMB has empowered an entire generation of fishery stock assessment scientists. “

Richard Methot, NOAA Fisheries


“[ADMB] is of crucial importance in allowing the European Community to develop recovery and long-term management plans that meet commitments under the World Summit on Sustainable Development”

Laurence Kell, Center for Environment, Fisheries, Aquaculture Science, UK.

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