Foundation Members

The ADMB Foundation consists of ordinary and supporting members. Ordinary members have a vote in Foundation affairs and participate actively in the work of the organization. The following individuals are ordinary members of the foundation.

  • Allan Hicks (Treasurer)
  • Anders Nielsen
  • Andrea Havron
  • Arni Magnusson (President)
  • Athol Whitten
  • Casper Berg
  • Chris Grandin
  • Cole Monnahan
  • Gavin Fay
  • Hans Skaug
  • Helen Ogden
  • Ian Taylor
  • James Thorson
  • Jim Ianelli
  • John Sibert
  • Johnoel Ancheta
  • Juan Valero
  • Kasper Kristensen
  • Mark Maunder
  • Mollie Brooks (Secretary)
  • Steve Martell
  • Teresa A’mar

Supporting members do not vote but promote the ADMB project primarily by paying membership fees. Please contact the Foundation for information about supporting membership.

Several organizations offered critical support during the creation of the Foundation and the start-up of the ADMB Project. These organizations are listed on our partners and benefactors.

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